RoyalTea Earl Grey Gin

RoyalTea gets its full flavour from small scale distillation in a custom designed potstill with aroma basket in the steam path. The complex flavour is the result of a herbal bill containing 16 different herbs and spices that include the signature botanical Earl Grey Tea, in combination with a unique production method.

The result is a lovely smooth gin that combines the dry astringent tones from the Earl Grey Tea, with fresh fruity flavours from citrus, and the herbal character of Juniper. RoyalTea Gin is wonderful on its own, and equally tasty in various cocktails and longdrinks.


The idea for a gin build around tea came to  mind when on one occasion Gin was tasted during Tea break; Tea and gin combine really well, why not create a Tea flavoured gin?

With that idea in mind the development was triggered, and together with the local Tea webshop Tea In Motion several kinds of tea and different methods of production were tested. In the end we developed a unique production process for an Earl Grey Flavoured Gin, using both black tea and earl grey tea in the recipe.

The unique feature in the production process is that apart from the regular gin distillation a second distillation is made of black tea in water. This results in a clear distilled water with a strong flavour of fresh black tea, where distillation in alcohol or placement In the steam path would not give a satisfactory result. The gin distillate and tea distillate are combined to get RoyalTea Earl Grey Gin

Gin Cocktails

Gin Tonic
Rosemary Greyhound
Basil Smash