Our Limoncino is a refreshing low alcohol alternative to regular Limoncello, it received a silver medal at the 2019 IWSC. Limoncino contains only 14.5%Vol alcohol (which is roughly 1/2 the regular alcohol content) and just 1/3 of the usual sugar content. In combination with the us of lemon juice this makes our Limoncino surprisingly refreshing. Drink Limoncino directly from the fridge or on ice to get the best experience. Due to its lower alcohol content Limoncino will freeze at -18°C.

The production proces of Limoncino is as simple as elegant. Fresh and untreated lemons are rinsed of, carefully zested and juiced. The zest is macerated in alcohol to extract all those delicious citrus flavours, when all flavour is extracted the zest is removed and fresh lemon juice, sugar and water are added.

The appearance

When mixing the lemon extract and water the mixture becomes turbid, because the Lemon oils in the extract are no longer fully soluble at 14.5%Vol. We don not use stabilizers, and as a result the appearance of our Limoncino may change in time; the lemon oils may start to float to the top, and other parts may sink to the bottom. This has no negative impact on the flavour, just shortly shake the bottle before pouring a drink.

Limoncino Cocktails

Tesoro (Limoncino & Tonic)
Limontini (Limoncino & Vodka)
El Ringo (Limoncino & Tequila)