Dutch Brew Coffee Liqueur

Dutch Brew liqueur is different from other brands as it’s flavour is 100% derived from coffee beans. Moreover, due to the unique production process one can taste the actual origin of its coffee. The initial edition has been made with Colombian Inga Aponte Coffee Beans roasted at the local roastery Bocca. Inga Aponte is a coffee variety with a typical flavour of chocolate and dark cherry.

The Coffee

Inga Aponte Coffee beans are of the Caturra variëty (part of the Arabica-family), grown by the Inga at around 2000 meters above sea level on slopes of the Doña Juana Vulcano in Colombia. Vulcanic ashes and the great height create ideal growing conditions for the coffeeplants and result in a full flavoured coffee beans.  After harvesting the beans are washed and sun dried at the local Inga Aponte community wash station. Roasting the coffee is done in the Netherlands at the small scale craft roastery of Bocca in Dronten, here the final flavour profile of the Inga Aponte Coffee is created under the careful supervision of the roaster.

The production

To retain its full flavour the coffee beans are ground at the distillery only at the start of extraction. Right after grinding the cold brew Dutch drip extraction is started; for 16 hours a slow drip of ice cold water extracts the freshest flavours from 1 kg of coffee. To keep the coffee and coffee extract from getting old the entire process is kept in a chilled environment. The main advantage of the Dutch drip process is that it extracts the characteristic fresh flavours from the coffee, it minimalizes negative influences of oxidation and aging.  When the extraction process has ended the cold brewed extract is mixed with sugar, vodka, and a little ascorbic acid that acts as an antioxidant. Then the liqueur is kept for several weeks because a sediment forms, this sediment is removed before bottling by decantation and filtration. Despite this careful approach to create a clear liqueur a small amount of sedimentation will occur in the bottles when stored for a longer period of time, this is a natural process and does not harm the flavour.


Dutch Brew Coffee Liqueur will keep very long in a closed bottle, but after opening its flavour will change. This is due to the intake of oxygen (air) in the bottle which will induce oxidation. The best method to prevent such aging is to store opened bottles of cold brewed coffee liqueur in the fridge, the cold temperature will slow down the oxidation. Please note that a small amount of sedimentation will occure in time, this is a natural proces and does not harm the flavour.

Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur


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