Pink Spring

Pink Spring

Here in Holland spring season has arrived; the sun is shining, tulip fields are starting to flower, and in our garden the Cherry Blossom is at its peak. That inspired our cocktail of the month; Pink Spring.

You can prepare Pink Spring quick and easy, all that’s required is our RoyalTea Gin, some Cherry Liqueur, and a lemon & Lime Soda, when available use cherry blossom as a garnish and experience the full spring fever.


  • 50 ml Earl Grey Gin
  • 25 ml Cherry Liqueur
  • 200 ml Lemon & Lime Soda
  • (Icecubes)
  • Granish; Cherry Blossom


We pre-chilled all te components so that no icecubes were needed, if this is not the case for you start with some icecubes in a nice glas. Then add RoyalTea Gin & Cherry Liqueur and top of with the Lemon & Lime Soda, garnish with a bit of cherry blossom and it’s done. Cheers!

Pink Spring

Posted on: April 12, 2020Dutch Craft Distillery