Kingston Mule

Kingston Mule

The Kingston Mule is a tastu variant to the well known Moscow Mule with Dark Rum and Hibiscino replacing the Vodka. With ingredients such as Flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus flower), ginger beer, and dark rum there was no other option then to name this cocktail after the capital of Jamaica.

Because of the beautiful colour of the cocktail we have also decided to replace the traditional copper mug by a glass, it just looks a lot better.

Then last but not least some attention to the ginger beer, please do not replace this with a sweet ginger ale or aroma based mass produced ginger beer. These are nothing compared to a real ginger beer made with fresh zingy ginger. Do spent some extra time to find a good ginger beer, or make one yourself, and the reward is well worth the extra trouble!


  • 1 parts Hibiscino
  • 1 part Dark Rum
  • 3 part Ginger beer
  • 1 lime cut in parts
  • Icecubes


Very basic; add half of the lime parts to a glass, squeeze the juice out of the other half into a cocktailshaker. Then add icecubes, Dark Rum, and Hibiscino and mix untill cold. Pour the mixture into a glass through a strainer, and top off with the ginger beer. Cheers!

Posted on: December 1, 2019Dutch Craft Distillery