Cocktail of the Month; Coffee & Tonic

Cocktail of the Month; Coffee & Tonic

This month a young and trendy ccktail of the month; Coffee and Tonic. A combination that may surprise many, but for the last couple of years this mocktail has become seriously trendy in bigger cities around the globe. It’s origin is said to be in Helsingborg, Sweden, where Koppi added this mocktail to the menu. The taste, and probably also the good looks on instagram, made it conqueur the world at high speed.

So te original is a mocktail, but we present you the recipe for a cocktail replacing the espresso with our Dutch Brew Coffee Liqueur. With a sprig of mint for garnish, this delicious and refreshing cocktail does really well on a sunny afternoon.          



Drop the icecubes into a glass, then Tonic and Dutch Brew Coffee Liqueur. Swirl a few rounds, and finish of with the mint garnish. Cheers!

Enjoying Coffee & Tonic at the Harbor (Zeewolde)
Posted on: August 30, 2019Dutch Craft Distillery